10 Tips for Better Online Dating

10 Tips for Better Online DatingEveryone is hoping that this is the year for love, but often trying online dating sites you find that you don’t always see the results that you’ve been hoping for. You’re busy and you want to be successful, so why not try a few new tips for this year – including updating your profile pictures.

Never Lie
It’s tempting on an online dating webstite to embellish on the truth or flat out lie. How will see know if you really make that much money or if you still look the way you did ten years ago? Don’t lie about your weight or your job, and don’t be afraid to tell others that you are still figuring out how to navigate a dating website if it’s you first time.

Check Your Punctuation
You’ll look like a fool if you can’t use punctuation and spelling correctly on a dating website. Double check everything you write to be sure that you have it spelled correctly and that there aren’t any typos.

Stay with One Website
There are hundreds of dating websites, but you don’t need to be involved with more than just one. If you’re looking for love, pick one that makes sense for you and then you won’t get overwhelmed since you’ll be able to answer all of the emails and other messages effectively.

Be Picky
You don’t need to go out with everyone you meet, so you should think about what is most important to you. Skip over typical words like eating, walking and exercising and then you’ll need to include more words that are specific and you’ll be able to meet more people who have your same hobbies.

Tell the Truth
Start from the beginning by telling the truth about your intentions. Are you looking for a lasting relationship or something more casual? Let others know what you’re looking for and you’ll be much more likely to find it.

Include Lots of Photos
Research says users on dating websites are more likely to get responses if you have pictures as part of your profile. In fact, you’re likely to see a response ten times higher than you would without any pictures at all. Look for pictures of you with your hobbies and a professional looking shot as well.

Remove Your Accounts
If you manage to make a match with a site, go ahead and close out your online dating accounts. That way you won’t be distracted or possibly cause problems in your new relationship by thinking about other possibilities.

Ask Your Buddy For Advice
You don’t want to post anything that embarrasses you, so have your friend check over your materials to be sure that you look good in your account and you’re saying what you actually mean to say. You also want to be sure you’re giving the world an honest view of yourself.

Update Your Account
Keep your account updated with any new hobbies and keep your ideas up to date as well. Don’t leave white space on your page since that will turn off some visitors – give reader lots to see.

Never Give Up
Waiting is hard, but don’t give up on finding love. If you haven’t met anyone right away, just wait 90 days before you give up and move on to a different website.

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