How to Boost Your Free Testosterone

Nugenix Ripped GuyAs we grow older it can be tougher and tougher to maintain an edge. Maybe you’re not recovering from workouts as fast as you’d like. Maybe you feel sluggish. Perhaps you’re looking in the mirror and not seeing the body you want.

Your sexual performance may not be as powerful as it once was and you—and your partner—want the ‘youthful you’ to return to the bedroom. But, how can you grab that edge even as you grow older? The solution may be found in free testosterone.

What’s Free TestosteroneYour bloodstream contains two types of testosterone: bonded testosterone and free testosterone. Bonded testosterone attaches to molecules in the body and is mostly ineffective. However, the ‘free’ testosterone can enter your cells easily and plays a vital role in libido, strength, stamina, and vitality.

High free testosterone levels are linked to increased sex drive, a higher libido, and heightened desire. Maintaining an optimal free testosterone level is absolutely vital for men who want to get the most out of their bodies.

High free testosterone levels can help with:
– Maximizing your gains in the gym
– Boosting libido and increasing desire
– Satisfying your partner

It’s important for men to understand they can boost their free testosterone levels naturally with the help of the right dietary supplement. Increasing your sex drive, boosting your libido, and improving your workouts may actually be far cheaper and faster than you realized.

One of the most exciting developments in this field has been made by a team of dietary supplement researchers based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After extensive research, this team has developed a supplement with natural key ingredients, Nugenix, which triggers your body into increasing its levels of free testosterone. GNC stores secured the exclusive rights to Nugenix’s US launch and within three months it was one of the top selling vitality supplements in the entire GNC chain.

Had low energy for the past year just turned forty. Wife woke up happy and wanted to know what drug I was on. Not working out but see my six pack again. I weigh less than I did in high school. Been taking it for 3 months. Used to take the large vitality packs but this stuff really works and replaces all. This is the real deal. As for the price I don’t mind at all because it works. -Customer from Burbank, California

Nugenix store retail display free testosterone

How does Nugenix work? The key ingredient is Testofen® which is made from the rare Fenugreek plant. Testofen® has been shown in clinical trials to boost free testosterone levels, increase sex drive, and improve libido.

The proprietary Nugenix Testosterone Complex includes five additional ingredients to complement and augment the effectiveness of Testofen®. Nugenix is safe, effective, and can deliver stamina, strength, and libido improvements in as little as a few days. Although most users report seeing the best results after at least one to two weeks of usage.

Studies from Irvine, California and Queensland, Australia have shown strong and even spectacular results with the key ingredient in Nugenix, Testofen®. Benefits include increased sex drive, improved libido, and enhanced muscle mass. These benefits primarily come from safely boosting free testosterone levels.

Nugenix is manufactured in the United States under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). GNC stores secured the exclusive retail rights to Nugenix’s US launch and it’s carried in GNC stores nationwide. Right now, the company that has developed Nugenix is providing samples to customers who qualify for them online.

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