Website Unlocks Access to Millions of Public Records: Private Investigators Cringe

TDL_600x350_mugshot_instant_checkmate_BGSPublic records can include anything from a person’s arrest record to their marriage history to a list of the assets they own. That means information on DUIs, speeding tickets, what properties a person owns, a history of marriages and divorces, and a whole lot more, is all out there in the “public record.” And, as many of us have experienced first-hand, people aren’t always honest about the details of their past.

Instant Checkmate, a leading public records website, has created a powerful tool that makes it possible for just about any American with an internet connection to access these records in an easy way: with the click of a mouse.

Have you ever wondered what properties a friend or family member might own? Have you been curious about a date’s marriage and divorce history? Or, more importantly, someone’s arrest record or driving history? What about your own? With the Instant Checkmate website, it’s possible to check this information— and much more— anonymously and without ever leaving your house.

Historically, if you wanted to know someone’s arrest record, you might have had to go to the county courthouse and request information. As if that weren’t enough trouble, you’d also probably have to go to the courthouse where the incident actually took place—and what if it happened on the other side of the country? You might never find out about it.

Therein lies much of the power of Instant Checkmate; the website actually scans entire states and even the entire nation for any publicly available records it can find and then presents them to you on a simple web page. And, of course, it’s not just checking for one specific type of record. The website actually scans through millions of records from many different databases looking for as much information as it can possibly find. Once a search is completed, the information is shown in a way that makes it easy to read and understand.

While there is some controversy over privacy issues with such a powerful tool being at anyone’s fingertips, others have argued that the website is actually leveling the playing field. Information that might have only been available to a Private Investigator can now be viewed by an average person sitting at home on their computer… and the website never notifies the person who has been searched that a search has been run on them, so you can run as many checks as you want without anyone finding out you even checked them.

Maybe private investigators don’t like Instant Checkmate because it could cost them business, but for the rest of America, it might actually be a good thing. We can improve safety and learn more about the people in our lives.

If you’d like to try a check on someone, here is a link to the Instant Checkmate search engine.

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