Can 95% of People Agree on Anything?


Can 95% of People Agree on Anything?

When it comes to skincare, this study shows they can.

BOSTON) —   It’s difficult, if not downright impossible, to get people to agree on anything… much less get 95% of women to see eye to eye. 

But that’s what happened when researchers at Stages of Beauty conducted a four-week consumer study designed to document the effectiveness of their new Adaptive Tripeptide Serum.

The results are nothing short of miraculous: an instant reduction of visible imperfections, with skin plumping in two hours to relax the look of deep creases, and an overall improvement in radiance and firmness to help recapture the bright, healthy confidence you had when you were younger.

Studies Don’t Lie

In the study, 40 women, ages 34 –70 and from varying ethnic groups, reported incredible results using the Adaptive Tripeptide Serum.

Start with this one fact: 95% of study participants reported their skin felt softer and smoother in just one week. That’s 95%… and when it comes to skincare, that high level of agreement is exceptional.

Now here’s the key result that every woman wants to know: When asked if the formula made them feel more youthful and more confident, 85% of women said ‘YES’ after three weeks.

But that’s not all the participants agreed on:

  • Fact: 58% reported an immediate reduction of facial imperfections after week one; by week four the number had risen to 75%.
  • Fact: 90% saw greater radiance after week one, and 98% by week four.
  • Fact: 98% felt intensive moisture without unwanted oiliness after one week.

What is Adaptive Skincare? 

Pioneered by Stages of Beauty, adaptive skincare is a new way of designing products with layers of active ingredients able to deliver a wide range of nutrients, antioxidants, and peptides skin can draw from… virtually adapting to your changing complexion.

Think of it like a multivitamin for your skin that delivers a pool of nutrients from which cells select what they need when they need it… maybe extra moisture today, then more skin plumping tomorrow.

The Adaptive Tripeptide Serum is packed with short and long term wrinkle fighters, collagen stimulators, antioxidants, skin brighteners, anti-aging peptides, and super hydrators, so your skin can ‘decide’ what type of nutrient support and protection it needs hour by hour, day by day, year after year.

Can a Topical Be as Effective as In-Office Treatments?

Many dermatologists find topical formulations even more effective in the long run than in-office procedures. And if you’re afraid of needles, peels, and surgery (and even if you’re not), the Adaptive Tripeptide Serum might be the intelligent, pain free way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet with more lift, definition, and radiance.

Right Now, You Can Try It Free

You’re probably wondering what the Adaptive Tripeptide Serum can do for you. So here’s the good news — Stages of Beauty is making it easy to give this miraculous formula a try. As it begins to roll out across the country and find its way to your local department store cosmetics counter, you can get a FREE 2-week sample to see how the Adaptive Tripeptide Serum can help restore the smooth, radiant, firm look you deserve.

Simply click here to get your free sample. Yes, it’s that easy.

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