Going on Medicare?


Going on Medicare?

Then You Absolutely Need Medigap Insurance…

Medicare DOES NOT Cover all Your Health-Care Costs

Whether or not you need Medigap insurance is a personal decision but definitely an important one.

With Medicare only covering 80% of your Healthcare costs – that leaves YOU with the remaining 20% cost you must pay.

The editors at The Daily Lifer recommend this leading site that helps you get the coverage you need so that you don’t end up draining your life’s savings on out-of-pocket expenses Medicare DOES NOT cover

Unfortunately, since there are no caps on health care costs in retirement, if you elect not to purchase supplemental insurance and experience a catastrophic health-related event could put you into a financially vulnerable position.

You would be placing your retirement and all of your assets at risk. 

And nobody wants to be put into a vulnerable position – especially when it comes to your money!

Health Care Costs Can Bankrupt You

Healthcare costs will continue to skyrocket for the foreseeable future.

Here’s a Typical Example…

A typical Heart Bypass surgery in the United States can cost from $30,000 to more than $200,000 and above1.

And at $200,000, that means you would be responsible for at least $40,000 of the surgery right out of your pocket. And that’s just the start…

The 20% copayment you are responsible for can just grow and grow. It never ‘resets’.

That means if you are a retiree who is hospitalized multiple times or has ongoing physician appointments in any given year, but does not carry some form of supplemental insurance, you can amass thousands upon thousands of dollars in additional expenses just related to deductibles and co-pays.

These expenses ADD up quickly and drain your life’s savings.

Protect Your Retirement Income

Should you require significant medical attention at some point, supplemental Medigap insurance will ensure that you don’t deplete your lifetime savings. 

That’s why here at The DailyLifer we recommend you have Medigap insurance… and the company we highly recommend…


Their service helps you comparison shop and the licensed agents they work with help you navigate the many different plans.

If you already have a plan, they work with so many providers that it’s likely they can find you even bigger savings.

Medigap.com gives you Peace-of-Mind, knowing that you’re selecting the right plan and having an agent that is there to work to help you.

They have tons of information and knowledge that takes all the confusion out about Medigap Insurance and Medicare in general.

They will show you all your available plan options FREE of charge

Plus, you can save a ton of money just by using their FREE comparison shopping tool to get the best policy at the lowest possible price.

With your FREE rate quote and plan comparison, you will be able to easily see the differences in coverage and monthly price between the varying plans Medigap.com offers.

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They Make Medicare Less Confusing

Article sponsored by Medigap

1. http://health.costhelper.com/heart-surgery.html