How savvy Geeks and Gamers get all the latest gear


How savvy Geeks and Gamers get all the latest gear

Finding the best toys, t-shirts, and collectibles from your favorite franchises can be difficult work. Factors like finding retailers, price, and simply time makes it so hard to find geeky swag.

But imagine how awesome it would be if a group of fellow fans like you not only hand-picked the most exclusive, limited edition, and all-around excellent apparel and collectibles but also delivered them all right to you each and every month.

Well, imagine no more. That dream has become a reality. To the relief of millions of geeks, gamers, and pop culture fans, a new kind of monthly delivery service is doing exactly that.

It’s like Christmas Every Month

“Getting a Loot Crate every month is like your past self, treating your future self with a surprise,” said popular YouTube personality TradeChat. “Good lookin' out, past self.”

TradeChat isn't the only person enjoying the thrill of treating yourself. YouTube has well over 300,000 videos of fans unboxing their crate!

Loot Crate offers a ton of exclusives and partners with the top pop culture brands and companies, including Star Wars, Nintendo, Pop! Vinyl and Marvel, to bring you the best items available every month. It’s your own personal gift to yourself.

Unbox Your Own Nerdy Collectables Every Month!

“My husband and I are like children every month when our crate gets here,” said Looter Shandi K. “We always get compliments on our shirts. I love my Labyrinth shirt and every time I wear it, people go crazy. I tell them to go to Loot Crate.”

Each month, Loot Crate curates an amazing, uniquely themed box of geeky goodness from the hottest video games, tv shows, comic books and movies.

Crates come packed with:

  • Custom Designed Tees: Every crate includes a t-shirt that features unique and exclusive designs from the best pop culture fandoms.


  • Amazing Collectibles: Figures like the Funko POP! Doc Brown, QMX’s Deadpool Q-Fig, and more. Also, practical applications of pop culture’s greatest icons, like a D20 ice mold so you can roll a natural 20 on mixology!


  • Best in Franchise Gear: From Marvel Comics and Star Wars to Back to the Future and Doctor Who: the best items from the most memorable franchises and even a couple cult classics that will still make you giddy with glee.


If you’re as excited about geeking out on collectables and gear as these guys are, then be sure to head over to Loot Crate and subscribe. You not only get a crate of cool stuff every month but you also become a part of the Loot Crate Community, where fans post their unboxing videos and have conversations with others just like you!

Loot Crate subscribers also qualify for the Mega Crate, an extremely high-valued crate that is given away for FREE to a random lucky winner every month. Every subscriber is automatically entered, so the next winner could be you!

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