How to Find a Therapist You Love


How to Find a Therapist You Love

Find the Perfect Counselor for YOU

When it comes to counseling, therapy and your mental health, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

What works for one person may not work for you. And a therapist one person loves may drive you crazy.

That’s because all our brains are wired uniquely – and the situations we find ourselves in are just as unique. So whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety or depression…

Low self-esteem… Relationship problems… Career-challenges… Grief… Abuse… Addiction… A major change that has you feeling overwhelmed…

Or something else entirely…

Getting the help you need has never been easy – until now.

Why Therapy Doesn’t Work for Most People

Traditional counseling is expensive (most insurance won’t even cover it).

It’s time-consuming and inconvenient.

Then there’s the trouble of finding a counselor YOU can work with. In your area. Who specializes in the type of therapy that will work for you.

And if you find someone who isn’t a fit for you… You get to start the whole search process over again.

Then, if you do find the right counselor, you’re forced to take time off from work for “sessions” – leaving plenty of room for co-worker questions.

These are the reasons therapy “doesn’t work” for most people.

It’s not that counseling and therapy don’t work – it’s just so hard to find that “perfect match” - where all the stars align to create the perfect counselor/patient relationship – that it almost never happens.

Fortunately, there’s a new technology available that eliminates all the negatives of traditional counseling…

And uses a scientific approach to match you with your perfect counselor.

How to Find Your Perfect Counselor in Under 5 Minutes

Better Help has created a short quiz to match you with your ideal therapist.

The quiz uses a series of simple questions to gather information about you, then their algorithms analyze your responses to match you with your ideal counselor (out of over 2,000 licensed counselors, therapist and psychiatrists).

Once you’re matched, you may choose to begin communicating with your counselor immediately.

Better Help has even arranged for you to receive some initial counseling free of charge.

If you love your counselor, you can continue to receive effective, affordable online counseling… At your convenience – because Better Help counselors are available 24/7 – when you need them.

All for one low monthly fee – no matter how many “sessions” you need. And you can cancel at any time.

Over 1.4 million people have used the service – and over 12,000 user reviews on the site are filled with stories of lives that were made better by taking the quiz.

Interested in the possibilities? Click the button below to take the short quiz and see if you can find your perfect counselor.

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