How to Prepare and Profit from the Coming Collapse of the Dollar


How to Prepare and Profit from the Coming Collapse of the Dollar

The global elites don’t want this book to exist. Their plan to herd us like sheep to the slaughter when a global crisis erupts—and, of course, to maintain their wealth—works only if we remain complacent and unaware.

Thanks to The Road to Ruin, we don’t need to be. 

In the eye-opening The Road to Ruin - The goal is simple — help you prepare and profit from the coming collapse of the dollar.

Your editor will be Jim Rickards of the acclaimed financial newsletter Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

According to Jim, “the end of the international monetary system is imminent and it will wipe out millions of unprepared Americans.”

That’s why the editors at The Daily Life are recommending all people to read it.

His Contacts and Experience are Here to Benefit You

Jim is uniquely qualified to help you too — spending over 35 years in investment banking, international economics and politics and national intelligence advisory roles. His contacts and experience will allow you to hear the most crucial strategic market intelligence first, so you can profit before anyone else.

Safely Guides Your Investments

Jim has developed a revolutionary way of looking at the financial system and stock markets. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

It gives him insight on exactly how the dollar’s collapse could play out, what stocks might fall, and what assets could rocket up in price. His predictive tool – something he calls “complexity theory” – will warn you well in advance of the coming collapse. In the financial world, this tool is entirely new and unparalleled.

Jim will use this theory to help you build safe investment positions in stocks, bonds, cash, art, land, precious metals and other hard assets.

In fact, it’s estimated there are less than 10 people in the entire world who know how to apply “complexity theory” to the financial markets. Jim is one of them… a recognized thought-leader who pioneers its’ use to help you profit ahead of turmoil.

In this monthly publication, Jim Rickards will be writing directly to you, keeping you up to date on how the dollar’s collapse and replacement is unfolding.

Specific Investment Recommendations

He’ll warn you about the potential triggers that may set off the coming crisis. And he’ll give you specific investment recommendations and wealth protection strategies that will help you grow your wealth even during the meltdown.

Until now, Rickards has only provided this kind of service to his high net-worth clients and members of the U.S. intelligence community.

But with Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you too will have the opportunity to hear his best ideas on an ongoing basis.

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