Prevent Feeling Helpless In Case of an Accidental Fall…For Under $3.00 a Day!


Prevent Feeling Helpless In Case of an Accidental Fall…For Under $3.00 a Day!

“That can’t be possible”

Dear Friend,

If you think you can live by yourself and don’t need a medical alert system then STOP READING NOW.

At home slip and fall injuries are one of the leading reasons why seniors lose their independence.

But no matter what we say we will never convince you that every year, this “everyday injury” kills 9,500 American seniors as they go about their daily business.

After 65 the risk of injury goes up with each passing year…

And by 80, over 50% of all seniors will suffer this injury… not once – but once every single year. 



If you ARE THINKING … “What if I’m alone, and if I slip and fall, will I be able to get to my phone to call for help? Or, worse, what if I have a severe injury and I can’t even move?”

Then we are here to tell you…

You can live Independently in your own home without the Fear of being alone in case of an emergency.

And you can do so all for under $3.00 a day.

Prevent the #1 Senior Citizen Injury from Turning Deadly

Many seniors are alone after a fall – many of them will be unable to reach the telephone to get the help they need in time to save their life.

This is completely avoidable…

But most seniors are totally unprepared to deal with slips and falls.

But thanks to this tiny button pendant, help is on the way!


MobileHelp® has introduced a product that will get you the help you need when you need it the most.

Can it really save your life?

“I feel much safer now that I'm wearing the Mobile Help Fall Button/Lanyard. I took an unexpected fall recently (my knee unexpectedly gave out)… Since this occurred, I'm now very, very cautious on stairs. Wearing the Fall Button won't prevent another knee collapse, but at least I know I'll be able to get help if I should fall and need it”

This little life-saver makes it possible to get help during any emergency with just the press of a button.

MobileHelp is the premier Medical Alert System that gives you emergency coverage inside your home and nationwide on one of the largest cellular networks.

MobileHelp’s advanced technology even includes Automatic Fall Detection.

Whether it’s a slip and fall, a stroke or ANY other emergency, MobileHelp is there for you!

This FDA Registered product does not require you to buy any equipment* or commit to a long-term contract…and the best part is, you can try out the service for one month for FREE!

Interested in how this little button pendant has saved lives… and how it might save yours?

MobileHelp will ship an information kit and DVD to your home absolutely free.

And if you use this special site they’ve set up just for our readers they’ll give your first month of service free! Wow!

Article sponsored by MobileHelp

*Equipment is included at no cost while actively subscribing to the service plan
Service availability and access/coverage on the AT&T network is not available everywhere and at all times.