Stock Market Sending Unsettling Warning Signals


Should You Get Out of Stocks Now?...

Stock Market Sending Unsettling Warning Signals

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The Inevitable Correction…

Although times may seem good right now, the U.S. debt continues to balloon, and the stock market continues to move into what some experts are calling “BUBBLE TERRITORY”.

As history has shown, the higher the debt, the harder the fall.

This Fact May Shock You 

Even with Stocks near record highs… Since 2002, gold has increased in value roughly 300%, a period during which the Dow increased by only about 200%.

Meanwhile, Gold would have to increase over 30% to get back to its all-time high. 

That’s why now may be the right time to acquire gold to help protect and grow your savings and retirement accounts from a weakening dollar, market volatility and inflation.

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But these low prices may not last long…

If you don’t own Gold or Silver, now may be the perfect time to do so, as time may be running out to protect your IRA or 401(K).

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