Style In Action: Icons Of Fashion

Style In Action: Icons Of Fashion

It's hard to imagine getting through life without taking a tip or two from the occasional role model.
This is extremely relevant in the world of fashion, as certain women have set the agenda when it comes to fashion.
Sorry, guys but when we talk about icons of fashion, we have to take our hats off to the ladies.
What is interesting is that none of these fashion icons were actually fashion designers. They just knew how to wear clothes.
The designers then began to create pieces specifically for these women.
Whenever they turned up at a charity event or red carpet, what they were wearing was broadcast around the world.
That led to imitation fashion as an industry. Not sure how this works?
Follow the trail of these fashion icons to see how they influenced what women were (and are) wearing.


Was it really that long ago in 1978 when Madonna first burst upon the music and pop culture scene? Apparently so. With each album, it seems as though this top selling artist created entirely new looks. Which Madonna did you embrace? Torn jeans, white T-shirt and tons of jewelry? Lacy underwear on the outside of your outfit with fingerless gloves? Disco glam? Or something just plain shocking? No matter what she was wearing, the fashion industry was paying attention and poised to make copies.

Jackie O

Want to know why we pay so much attention to what First Ladies are wearing? You can thank JFK's wife, Jackie for that. During the heyday of Camelot, Jackie Kennedy taped fame Hollywood designer Oleg Cassini to dress her for state dinners, meet and greets and all other functions of the office. She also wore Dior, Chanel and Hermes. Her status as a fashion icon lasted long after she left Pennsylvania Avenue and continue all through her second marriage and New York publishing career. She brought style into the White House and has become the measure for all the powerful women who followed her.

Bettie Page

Look closely at this cheeky 50s pinup star and you'll see where such current pop stars like Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera get their inspiration from. Not only was she a trendsetter with fashion, but the Bettie Bangs is a distinct hairstyle that every hipster is familiar with. She even inspired a modern clothing line that carries her name.

Marilyn Monroe

There wasn't much that Marilyn wore which made her look bad. Whether it was an oversized sweater and Capri pants or a skintight dress she had to be sewn into, she was a trendsetter. Of course, we can't forget that simple white dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch. This was the one that got "ruffled" by the New York Subway. It recently sold at auction for $5.6 million. Talk about iconic.
Do you consider yourself a fashion trendsetter or follower? Let us know!