Swipe Left. Test Right!


Swipe Left. Test Right! 

Let’s face it, if you are sexually active - or actively dating - then you need to get tested

STD screening is something that everyone needs at least once in their lives, and most people need to be tested for STDs on a far more regular basis than that.

That's because STDs don't only affect people who are "high risk." They're a fact of life for ordinary Americans - and can impact anyone who has had sex.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea how common STDs are...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are Surging According to the CDC  

They incorrectly assume they'd know if they were at risk of contracting an STD and would be able to tell if they had one.

Well, that’s just plain wrong – you can be walking around with an STD and not display any symptom’s for weeks, months, or even years!

1-in-3 People in the USA Have an STD

That’s right, an astonishing 1-in-3 people in the USA have some form of an STD – and a number of people don’t even know it.  

How would you know if you’ve been exposed?  That’s reason enough why you need to get tested.

The In-Home STD Test Kit we highly recommend?
Private iDNA

Test in the Privacy of Your Home 

Private iDNA offers comprehensive STD testing kits that can be done from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the cost of conventional testing. 

They work only with the best laboratories and health experts to ensure your tests results meet national standards and are as accurate as tests done in a clinic or a doctor’s office.

The laboratories they work with are certified CLIA (high complexity testing organizations at the forefront of STD diagnostic testing).

And if you are concerned about privacy – don’t be – Private iDNA has HIPAA web security protocols in place to protect your data.

7 Reasons Why Private iDNA is Our #1 Choice for Testing

1. Test in the privacy of your own home

Private iDNA lets you test anywhere, in complete privacy. No appointments, no waiting, no forms and no awkward conversations, with the same testing reliability you’d get in a doctor’s office or a lab.

2. Fastest Online Results. Most Accurate STD Tests

Results delivered online from the lab in 1 to 5 days. Tests are 99% accurate when testing is done within the proper timeframes after exposure to an infection.

3. Anywhere, Anytime

Get confidential results and track progress from your phone anywhere. Share and track your test completely through the process.

4. Lowest Prices

Get a comprehensive STD screening or only the tests you want. Certified lab testing at a lower cost than conventional testing.

5. Get the Same Tests Used by Doctors

Tests are conducted in a state-of-the-art laboratory, CLIA and CAP-accredited in all 50 U.S. states.

6. 100% Confidential

Be confident with Direct Support and Guidance.  Their in-house support team (no customer care outsourcing) helps you every step of the way.

7. Private and Secure Personal Information

Private iDNA is HIPAA-compliant and abide by state and federal laws regarding medical privacy. 

The Only Thing That Should be Sexually Transmitted is FUN!

Preventing infection and early STD detection saves lives – especially yours.

Go To This Site Right Now and Get The Kit That’s Right For You…

And know your status in a matter of days.  Private iDNA’s expert -designed program makes frequent screening easy and convenient.

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