Taking Your Fashion to The Street With Hip, Happening Street Fashion

Taking Your Fashion to The Street With Hip, Happening Street Fashion

We all know that fashion is big business.

During Fashion Week in New York, all eyes are on the major players as they put forth their coming clothing lines.

For many designers, these types of shows are make or break.
So much frenzy, so much fretting. Truth be told, those fashion shows might be important to the designers and the buyers but not the actual fashionistas.

If you want to know what's really happening, then you need to take it to the streets.

Street Fashion refers to a kind of eclectic approach to picking outfits that have more to do with individual tastes than the dictates of couture. It's about combining styles and pieces to create a unique look all your own.

Even though the major players incorporate street fashions in their clothing lines, by the time those outfits hit the retail stores, the fashion has already changed.

"Those Darn Kids"

Street Fashion often begins with the younger generation.

No matter what generation you are, there is always a younger generation that is dressing to the beat of their own drum.

Hippies started a big wave of street fashion with their embrace of anything denim, T-shirts and psychedelic images.

How many jeans and T-shirts do you own?

In the 80s, the Punk trend started with ripped clothing, Mohawks, lots of safety pins and in-your-face T-shirt slogans. Thank you, Madonna.

In a rebellion to the Punk wave, came the Preppie wave, which was (and is) all about chinos, argyle, boat shoes and button-down Oxfords.

Long before Edward and Bella were doing the vampire tango, the Goth look was born.

This is anything black, bulky coats, big boots and thick makeup.

Street Fashion can also be classified as Hip Hop.

This is where designers like FUBU, Sean Jean and Nike actually set the trends before they hit the street.

They get it right while everyone else is playing catch up.

Street Fashion Vibe

What is your Street Fashion vibe?

One rule seems to be that everything old can be new again.

Whatever your Street Fashion vibe is, chances are the Japanese are copying it.

They like to deconstruct fashion to create their own looks.

They also borrow heavily from anime with their Gothic Lolita and Gothic Lolly looks said to be inspired by Sailor Moon (You're going to have to look that one up for it to make sense.)

Are there rules to street fashion?

The only really rule should be to have passion about your fashion.

Wear what you like and what looks good. If you can influence others, then all the better but the goal is to be comfortable in your clothes.