The Hidden Side of the Tax Cuts


The Hidden Side of the Tax Cuts

The recent Tax cuts may have put a few more dollars in your pocket in the short term. However, the tax cuts are also exploding the national debt.

And with the US national debt now exceeding $20 Trillion dollars, that means each man, woman, and child in the US is on the hook for more than  $60,000 per person.  Talk about inflation!

According to most experts, the payment on that debt is unsustainable. And, historically, as interest rates go up, stocks come down.

The Countdown to Meltdown Has Begun

Although media outlets are pushing the story that times are good, the U.S debt continues to grow and the stock market continues to move into BUBBLE TERRITORY.

Many economists fear that all that is being accomplished is the creation of a debt crisis so big it will make all other recessions, depressions, and economic collapses ever recorded in history look like just a bad day at the penny slots.

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  5. Gold and Silver aren’t devalued by government spending or “quantitative - easing”.
  6. The coming trade war may weaken the dollar, but not precious metals.
  7. You can’t simply print more precious metals!

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