Welcome to the Future!

Welcome to the Future!

Live Like ‘The Jetsons’ In Your New Smart Home

Back in 1962, space age dad George Jetson took to the airwaves to give us a cartoon glance at what the future might hold for us.

Surprisingly enough, a lot of Jetson technology has come true such as reading news on an iPad, tanning beds, video chat and even a robot that vacuums.

We're still a few years away from those wonderful flying cars, but we have the technology to live in a smart home just like the Jetsons where we can control just about anything with the touch of a button.

Many celebrities from Robert Downey Jr. to Beyoncé have embraced smart home technologies to promote an eco-friendly way of living.

Here's the other one: it's downright cool!

There's an App for That…

Believe it or not, some form of remote control for the television has been around since 1950.

Those early versions of remotes however meant the controls were attached to a wire running from the TV.

Today, every TV, Blu-Ray, and stereo come with remote controls.
We have remotes for fans, cars, and lights.

It only stands to reason that all our electronic gadgets can be hardwired for remote control access.

Welcome to the smart house a.k.a. The Jetson House where smart technologies to can do the following all from an iPad, iPhone or Smart Phone app:

  • Adjust lighting
  • Turn on TVs and other audio systems
  • Check security alarms
  • Turn up the AC or heat
  • Close window shades
  • Monitor temperatures in every room
  • Access the internet
  • Heat up the hot tub

The list goes on.

If It Can be Plugged in it Can be Made ‘Smart’

Best of all, you can do all of this adjusting and turn on and off from anywhere.

Want to get your home nice and chilly after being stuck in sweltering traffic? There's an app for that, too.

Remote Security

Another benefit of a smart home is keeping you safe.

This requires a little extra installation in the form of cameras that can be set up everywhere, but you'll be able to check in on your home from any computer or pad.

This is an excellent feature to keep an eye on unruly pets or teenagers.

It also provides peace of mind when you can check on your home any time of the day or night when you're out of town.

A Very Smart Fridge

Along with a smart house, you can also have an incredibly smart refrigerator.

A new model introduced by Samsung at the recent consumer electronics show featured a 32-cubic foot capacity fridge with a built in 10-inch tablet loaded with all kinds of helpful apps such as Evernote and even a camera that looks inside so you don’t have to open the door and waste energy.

This lets you load up a grocery list to your partner while they're at the store.

A grocery manager apps let you keep track of what you're running low on in your fridge. Suppose you're down to your last spoonful of Ben and Jerry's. The smart fridge will set off alarms and send an alert to your iPhone. Heck, it may soon automatically order direct from Amazon. Perfect.

Keep in mind that you can teach an old house new tricks. There are smart home kits on the market that let you DIY your home into a Jetsons kind of future. Welcome to the future!