What Strange Superstitions Do You Follow?

What Strange Superstitions Do You Follow?

These are a lot of little things that we do to bring us luck and ward off evil. Show of hands: How many people knock on wood? Pick up a penny? Run screaming in terror when they see a black cat cross their path? It's not always clear where these superstitions come from. They could merely be a joke that has lasted for hundreds of years. What strange superstitions do you follow?

Keep An Eye Out For Goats

It is believed that a goat can draw away the evil. So, if you're off to an important meeting or date with a prospective soul mate, then you should look out for a goat to cross your path. Very practical advice.

Break A Mirror Equals Seven Years Bad Luck

Admit it, every time you've broken a mirror you always think, "Seven years bad luck!" It's ingrained on our brains. The ancients thought that mirrors held little pieces of our soul. Its stands to reason that if you shatter a mirror, you shatter your soul thus the bad luck. BTW, if you want to stop the bad luck, bury the shards of mirror glass in front of a tree under a full moon. Problem solved.

Making A Wish On A Wishbone

How many Thanksgiving dinners have ended in tragedy as squabbling family members wrestle over that wishbone? Actually, it was the ancient Romans who fought over wishbones because they thought it would bring them good luck. So, yes, the original toga wearers were also the ones who started food fights. Circle of life.

Fingers Crossed

If somebody asks for good luck, then you have two options: Send them a goat or cross your fingers. This is a superstition that dates back to early Christianity and started when two people would make a cross their fingers to make a wish. Over the years, that evolved into self-finger-crossing with probably the same results.

Now it's time for a little rapid-fire superstitions. Ready, set, freak out:

  • It's bad luck to put a hat on a bed.
  • If a bee comes into your home you're going to get a visitor.
  • If you say good-bye to someone on a bridge, you'll never see them again.
  • Carry an acorn in your pocket to stay young.
  • Don't eat lettuce if you want to have a baby.
  • If you spill pepper you're going to get into a fight with your BFF.
  • Throw out your old broom when you move to a new house.
  • Don't sit down to dinner with 12 other people because one of you is going to croak before the year is up.
  • If your ear itches someone is talking about you.
  • If your palm itches you're going to get some money.
  • If you nose itches you're going to get kissed.

How many others can you name? Let us know!