When It Comes to a Natural Sleep Aid, Consumers Have Spoken…


When It Comes to a Natural Sleep Aid, Consumers Have Spoken…

And the Winner Is Somnapure

(Boston) —  It started with a question: “You Used to Sleep Like a Baby… What Happened?”

Well, it seems the makers of Somnapure struck a nerve with sleep-deprived Americans. So much so, that this powerful formula has become America’s #1 best-selling natural sleep SKU in a matter of six short months.

According to recently published industry research, Somnapure (30 count) was the sales leader among non-pharmaceutical sleep aids in all leading US drug chains for the 13 week period ending in mid-November 2015.

“It’s rare when a product races straight to the top,” says a company spokesperson, “based mostly on word of mouth and media. Our success is due to how well Somnapure helps you get to sleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake up alert and clear-headed. When consumers need help, they turn to Somnapure. The numbers speak for themselves.”

No wonder Somnapure has generated an unprecedented level of buzz in retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and GNC. 


Making Retail History

Somnapure’s success has taken everyone by surprise. “We were told that Somnapure wouldn’t be able to compete against well known, well advertised brands,” explains the company’s Director of R&D. “But we didn’t listen to experts; we listened to consumers who said they wanted something more than a simple herbal concoction from the 1970s.”

The Somnapure Story

It comes as no surprise that Somnapure is the brainchild of Harvard– and MIT-trained researchers who have the knowledge and skill to make what some are calling ‘the ultimate’ sleep aid.

Quite simply, Somnapure is a better way to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep– with 7 time-tested ingredients that each offer unique benefits, ranging from improving sleep efficiency to increasing the alpha brain waves known to promote relaxation.  With Somnapure you can drift gently to sleep, as slumber-disturbing agitation seems to fade. Plus, Somnapure helps to regulate and enhance your circadian cycle so you stay asleep longer and spend more time in R.E.M. sleep – the kind of sleep scientists tell us we need — allowing you to wake up ready to take on the day.

What Can Somnapure Do For Millions of Exhausted Americans?

It can help you…

  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Stay Asleep Longer without Interruption
  • Wake Up Feeling Refreshed and Rejuvenated

One Formula Has Americans Sleeping Better 

Somnapure contains natural ingredients, is safe for daily use, and is NOT habit forming. In the morning you feel refreshed and energized… not foggy and confused.

Free samples of Somnapure are available so you can finally experience a good night’s sleep. Claim yours now and see why Somnapure is the #1 best-selling natural sleep aid SKU in America.

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