Why Do I Need Life Insurance?


Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

You don't have to be wealthy to need life insurance.

All you really need to do is ask yourself these two questions...

We get it - life insurance is not sexy. It’s not fun to talk about, and it’s definitely not a process most people enjoy, let alone think about.

Plus, when you think about your need for life insurance, it almost doesn't matter how much you earn.

What's the First Question to Ask?

“If I’m not around how will this impact the future of my loved ones?”

Do you have children? Do you own a home?

If the answer is yes, then it pays to get a policy.

Much like death and taxes, buying life insurance is an essential part of life.

Protect Your Family’s Future

Ironically, now is when you need life insurance the most.

If something happens during your prime earning years, your loved ones don’t just lose you—they also lose the financial future you’re building for them. That’s why getting term life insurance makes sure that they have financial help when they need it most. 

And the Second Question?

 “Where Can I Get Affordable Life Insurance?”

The company The Daily Life highly recommends for life insurance?


Ethos is the modern way to get affordable, high-quality life insurance that is easy to obtain.  Get My Quote

Why We Recommend Ethos 

Most life insurance is sold by independent insurance agents. Their time is money, so they often focus on upselling expensive policies to wealthy people. Where does that leave the rest of us?

At Ethos, they offer modern, ethical life insurance to protect the life you’re building and the people you love.

Plus, their team is salaried, so they work with you to figure out what coverage you need. They treat you like family—and won’t upsell you on expensive policies that don’t make sense for your budget.

Affordable Insurance is a Few Taps Away

And the application process that typically takes weeks of phone calls and scheduling with most other insurance companies only takes about 10 minutes with Ethos.

Ethos Insurance puts the entire application online. 

They don’t require customers to meet with an agent/salesman and, for policies covering under $1 million, they don’t require a medical exam

Think About That… 

  • No meeting with a pushy agent or salesman
  • No fine print
  • No hidden fees
  • No medical exam unless you’re insuring $1 million
  • No appointments to schedule
  • No hassle!

Just quality life insurance that takes 10 minutes out of your day to apply for, starting at less than what you would pay for a cup of coffee a day!

Life Insurance That Fits Your Life

Too many young families are unprotected because life insurance is complicated, time-consuming, and sold by agents with sales goals. Ethos makes it simple, quick, and right for you!

Claim Your Affordable Term Life Insurance Quote

Requesting a free, no obligation term life insurance quote through Ethos is fast and easy.

You can get a personalized, free, and no obligation term life insurance quote in under a minute from your laptop or mobile. It's that easy to start securing your family's financial future!

Plus, Ethos policies are backed by Assurity Life Insurance Company, a company that has been helping American families guard their financial futures for over 125 years.

Go ahead and get your FREE quote now.  

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